If you’ve not visited the dentist recently, perhaps due to fear, maybe because you just don’t have time, but it’s something that you really should do. Even if you haven’t got the best teeth in the world or if you haven’t got many teeth at all, with a visit to the dentist there are so many options that you can choose now to give you back your confidence, allowing you to smile proudly once more. There are lots of reasons why you should visit the dentist aside from fixing your teeth.

Plaque, Tartar and Cavities

Even with the most careful brushing, regular flossing and the use of mouthwash plaque will build up in the many crevices that are in your mouth. When plaque builds up it gradually solidifies and becomes more difficult to remove. As it hardens, the plaque turns into tartar which cannot be removed without a visit to the dentist. Regular cleaning at the dentist will avoid the buildup of tartar which can cause teeth to erode or result in cavities. Cavities rarely exhibit any signs until the tooth has decayed to the stage where damage has been done.

Gum Disease

The ongoing build-up of tartar can result in gum problems including the breakdown of tissue and in the worst cases the bone that secures the teeth in place. Loose or missing teeth from gum disease will involve extensive corrective dental work and may even involve surgery.

As you attend regular check-ups the dentist can check for any damage to your teeth or gums and may even use X-Rays which allow the dentist to see what’s happening underneath the surface.

Dental checkups can help identify and remedy all kinds of issues with your teeth including missing teeth, decay and problems with wisdom teeth. Dentists are not only concerned with fixing your teeth. It’s their job to make sure that your mouth is healthy and your teeth and gums are too. They will often check for abnormalities that may otherwise go unchecked and they will ensure that the bones holding your teeth are healthy. Dentist checks will also advise on things to avoid to maintain optimum teeth and oral health.

Even if you regularly skip your dentist appointments, you really should make the effort to go. It might not seem like anything now, but over time small issues can grow into larger and more expensive problems. Keeping up to date with your checkups can really result in long term benefits.

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