Did you know that your enamel helps to maintain healthy teeth? The inner layers of your teeth are protected by enamel, however, once damaged, you cannot restore it. Keeping your enamel healthy is essential in the health of your overall mouth. Make sure you are taking on board the below list of top tips on how to protect your tooth enamel.

Avoid Certain Foods

Acidic food and drink can cause your enamel to wear away, so cut down on drinks such as fizzy pop, citrus fruits and even some juice such as orange, apple and lemon. Try to cut out sugar and candy to help protect your tooth enamel as well. We understand that cutting out acidic food and drink can be hard, so try to only have acidic drinks with meals at the start, and slowly cut down altogether.

Invest In a Straw

If you are completely hooked on fizzy drinks and fruit juice, use a reusable straw to allow the drink to bypass your teeth. Make sure you aren’t swirling the drink around in your mouth as this makes the straw redundant. With many reusable straws coming with handy carry cases as well, you can take your straw with you, wherever you go.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you are drinking water as it will help to wash away any food that is leftover from your meal. You should also drink water after having anything acidic, as it will help wash your mouth out, to a certain degree. Drinking water will also help to prevent dry mouth and reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Brush and Floss Regularly

This point goes without saying, but there is nothing wrong with a reminder. Make sure you are brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Pronamel toothpaste is a great product to use to protect your enamel from damage. It has been designed to assist the re-hardening of acid-softened tooth enamel.

Your Teeth

If you are concerned about the overall health of your teeth, we have several NHS dental treatments available for you. Even if you only require a simple scale and polish, our team are on hand to help.

Make sure to maintain your oral health by incorporating the tips above into your lifestyle. Even the smallest change from fizzy drinks to water can make a big difference.

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