Our dentists actively encourage good oral hygiene habits from a young age and stress the importance of having regular check ups.  Unfortunately with our modern busy lives, it’s easy to let booking appointments like this go to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list and before long time has flown by and pain or a problem with a tooth will remind us, all too late, to contact the dentist.

For children, this can create a fear of visiting the dentist because  they associate it with trauma.  All of our dentists are keen to overcome these anxieties in patients young and old.  This can only be achieved by building a trusting relationship over time with a  pleasant and welcoming attitude.  We have a few suggestions that may help you and your family:

  • You may feel visiting the surgery ahead of your appointment is beneficial. Perhaps have a look around, meet the receptionist or dentist and see the environment.
  • Tell the dentist that you’re anxious so they know beforehand.
  • Appointments earlier in the morning mean less time to dwell on it.
  • Take a friend with you to your appointment. The dentist won’t mind if they accompany you throughout the check-up or treatment.
  • Agree a sign with the dentist to signal that you need a break and want them to stop. It can be as simple as pointing your finger, and will help you feel more in control.
  • If you think it will help, start gradually with a clean and polish then work up to more extensive treatment once you’ve built up trust and rapport with your dentist.
  • Take a personal stereo with you to listen to music during your visit. It will help you relax.


Break the cycle!

break the cycle

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