We pride ourselves on providing you with high-quality care, but more importantly, we want to give you a stress-free experience and that starts with payment plans.

This blog will talk about the payment options available on intensive dental work and how it can be made affordable for all. We have different treatment packages that have been constructed based on the requirements of our patients.

What you need to know

We provide both NHS treatments and private treatments, both have a wide price range; however, they also abide by a strict set of rules. Both treatments use high-quality materials and are carried out by first-class technicians.

Our clinical team is trained to the British Dental Association’s standards in cross-infection procedures, so you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

NHS Treatments

For NHS treatments, our patient charges relate to a course of treatment, rather than a fee per item basis. Our NHS treatments have been broken into three bands, the first band covers diagnosis, examination, advice, x-rays and scale and polish. The first band is £22.70.

Moving onto the second band, which is £62.10, covers everything above, along with fillings, root canal and extractions of teeth.

The final band covers band 1 and 2, as well as, crowns, dentures or bridges. The third band is £269.30.

As you can see, the payment range stems from £22.70 to £269.30.

Private Treatments

You can also choose to go down the private treatment route. We recommend that you look through the private fees as well as cosmetic treatments that we offer, before making your decision. A few examples of the treatments and fees we offer include, amalgam filling from £70, a full set of dentures from £600 and anti-wrinkle treatment from £150.

The perfect smile

Whether you are investing in treatments because of medical reasons or purely for cosmetic treatments, it is important for us that you regain the smile you are after. Nothing makes us happier than our patients being content with the treatments they have received.

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Please note: The figures used are accurate as from 1st April 2019.

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