This blog post will discuss facial fillers, which is especially useful if you are considering the procedure. We want you to understand the ins and outs of the process, which is why this blog post will discuss what facial fillers are suitable for and the commonly asked questions and myths surrounding them.

What are facial fillers?

As we age our skin begins to sag and wrinkle, which is beautiful as it is a reflection of the life you are living, however, that doesn’t mean you have to keep them the same if you personally do not like them. Facial fillers help to reduce and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and can enhance lips as well as replace soft-tissue volume.

The logistics

Facial fillers can be used as a temporary or long-lasting solution and the procedure involves small injections targeted at specific areas of your face. There are different types of facial fillers available, which you can discuss with one of our qualified dental professionals.

Each session takes about 10-20 minutes; however, this can be discussed with your dental professional.

Benefits of facial fillers

Many advantages come with facial fillers, and you can discuss these with your dental professionals. Some benefits of facial fillers include:

  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Natural-looking
  • Smooths wrinkles and lines
  • Added volume

Commonly asked questions

We might not touch on the questions you might have, which is why it is essential to communicate with your dental professionals. We are happy to help, so do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Is it painful?

This one is a very common question, but you shouldn’t worry. When facial fillers are carried out by a professional, there will be a very low level of pain, as it merely requires a few small injections during the straightforward procedures.

When will I see results?

You will be happy to hear that you will see some results instantly, then you will see results improve over the next 2-4 weeks.

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