Bioclear Dental Treatment

This advanced tooth restoration technique uses bonding to provide a minimally invasive and cost-effective dental treatment that uses clear forms that are then filled with heated white composite filling material matched to the shade of your teeth to fill black triangles, close gaps and build up uneven teeth, revealing a healthy and youthful smile with a natural finish.

Black Triangle Closure

Many people are unhappy with the gaps between their teeth that give the illusion of black triangles. The dental term for this is ‘open gingival embrasures’.

Black triangles is the 3rd most common cosmetic complaint of patients. They can be the result of bone loss and recession from gum disease, or movement of teeth either naturally or after orthodontics (braces)

The Bioclear (Clark) Matrix system is a better alternative treatment to fix the black triangles teeth as often the gaps can be closed without the need for any tooth removal or preparation.

Diastema Closure

The gap that some people have between two teeth is called a diastema. Many people are happy with this appearance as it is healthy and gives character to a smile but for those patients that don’t like the space, Bioclear dental treatment is the ideal solution. This advanced composite restoration option can often close the diastema space without the need for any tooth removal or preparation.

Broken Teeth Correction

Sometimes teeth can chip or break from trauma or wear, leading to an uneven smile. The Bioclear method can build the teeth to an ideal shape, so as to create a more pleasing and even smile.

Rebecca Wignall, Associate Dentist at Apex Dental Group, Street, Somerset British Academy of Aesthetic, Restorative and Implant Dentistry (BAARID member) is a qualified Bioclear practitioner. If you are considering opting for Bioclear composite restorations, please call our Street practice on 01458445538.

Prices for Bioclear Dental treatment can be found on our private fees list