If you have a gap between your teeth and it is making you self conscious, there are products available today that can be used to fill these gaps. Many people with a gap in their teeth, typically one that occurs at the front of the mouth may want to use a filling product to improve the aesthetics of the teeth or to reduce the likelihood of gum disease and decay.

Gaps can occur between any teeth in the mouth and some patients have many gaps while others have none. The treatment for gaps will vary depending on where the gap appears and how large the space is between the teeth.

Bioclear is a product used as part of teeth bonding. This is a minimally invasive treatment which uses clear forms filled with composite material which are blended to match the colour of your teeth. It is a treatment that can be used to correct a variety of issues from gaps to diastema.

Many patients who visit the dentist are unhappy with the appearance of gaps between their teeth that create an illusion of black triangles, particularly at the front of the mouth. As well as the aesthetic issues concerned with these triangles, they can also cause food and other debris to collect resulting in plaque build-up over time. The Bioclear system is an alternative treatment to address gaps and black triangles, eliminating the need for tooth removal.

Bioclear will preserve the majority of the tooth structure and it is faster than other alternatives such as veneers and it lasts a long time, typically ten years. When you have a Bioclear treatment, it will use a thermal injection mould of composite filling applied into anatomical matrices. The matrices are then removed, and the end result is a smooth, material which is then polished and sanded to create a natural look.

If you would like to have a consultation about a Bioclear treatment, we can certainly help. The next time you visit your dentist, why not mention it to us and we can provide you with all the details so you can decide whether it’s something that you want to consider.

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